Hyskies Applications

Welcome to the Hyskies applications hub. This page is built to help describe what each rank does, and what the differences are. If you already know, feel free to continue using the links at the bottom. If you have any questions feel free to create a ticket. We're here to help! Now, some information before you start smashing those keys.

There are two main types of applications (Staff & Media) that have different purposes. Staff are ones who actually moderate and run the server, and generally, make sure people follow the rules. For example, helpers moderate the chat, helping those who need it, and moderate behavior such as foul language or other unwanted messages. Moderators are the ones who make sure players are playing by the rules, and aren't cheating or ban evading. Every staff member plays a key role in both the community and moderation. Media ranks are the ones who promote and create entertaining content for people to watch. These people may also be called content creators, or influencers and play a key role in server promotion, and entertainment. For more information be sure to read this. To sum it up, content creators create content for other people to watch and generally improve the community as a whole. (There's no point in a server that hates everyone)
Each rank has its own requirements that are preferred to already be met before applying. These requirements are posted on our forum, and change based on the rank. (A staff member needs different skills than a YouTuber). These requirements are put in place not to deny users, but to be more selective against who we accept, and if they are fit for the role they are requesting. To give an example, it might not be a good idea to hire a helper for skyblock, that has never played the game before, or to hire a content creator that hasn't ever played Minecraft before. Requirements aren't everything, and Hyskies may not hire someone that has a history of scamming or abusing, even if they meet or exceed the requirements put in place. These requirements more outline what you need to do/have to be eligible to apply.

Awesome! How do I do it?
First of all, thanks for wanting to support us as a server, and be apart of what we're creating! Second, all the application links have been posted at the bottom of this page, but they can also be found on our forums. To apply, you need to make an account on our website first. This lets us know who you are, and gives you the ability to even see if you got accepted. Next, you need to fill out all of the required information such as your discord ID and IGN. (It's also a good idea to not apply if you were recently punished) It should be self-explanatory but if there's a small text box, you don't really need to write that much (Maybe like a few sentences). If there's a large text box, we expect you to write a more detailed answer, generally going more in-depth (Like a paragraph or two). Once you're done, review it because you can't edit your application, then submit it. You should get alerts, but if you want to see the entire submission, go to your account, and click on the submissions tab. That tab should show you all of your active submissions/applications, including replies. If you get accepted, congrats! If your application is denied, you're welcome to try again in a month (30 days) once you have fulfilled/fixed what you missed last time. That's it!
Application Links
Staff Application Links:
Requirements, Application
    Builder: Application
Media Application Links:
    Youtube: Requirements, Application 
    Twitch: Requirements, Application
    Famous: Requirements, Application