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Rules Hyskies Network Rules
Started by Caledonian_EH

Hyskies Network Rules

Below you will find a list of rules for the Hyskies Network. Most follow common sense and a policy of respecting others and not ruining other people’s gameplay. Basically speaking, if something would damage another player’s experience in an unfair way, it is not allowed. Even more basically speaking, don’t cheat or be a jerk. Remember that the rules listed below are summarized to make them easier to read and staff members have the final say on punishment. If you are unclear on one of the rules please contact a member of staff for clarification. Players are responsible for learning the rules, and staff are not obligated to give a warning for each offense before a punishment is given.

These rules apply network wide, on all aspects of the Hyskies Network, including Discord, forums, in game, etc. These rules make up the backbone of Hyskies and should be followed wherever you are engaging with the network or its staff and players.

1. Scamming:

  • Trading items with the intent of scamming another player is strictly disallowed.
  • Making fraudulent trades for real money is also not allowed.
    • Trading real money for in-game items is allowed however, Hyskies will not provide support in the event of scamming.


2. Never accuse another player of cheating publicly. Report them.

  • If you believe someone is cheating, hacking or otherwise breaking the rules it will not help calling them out in public. Make a ticket or a report.
    • Report any suspicious behavior if you think it has anything to do with cheating.

3. Punishment Evasion:

  • Using any method to evade an active punishment with the use of another account or alternate methods is explicitly disallowed and will result in a greater punishment.

4. Chargeback:

  • Charging back the Hyskies store is not allowed, and will result in a serious punishment.

5. False or misleading evidence:

  • Deliberately falsifying evidence against another player in a report is strictly not allowed. This does not apply for a lack of evidence.

6. Blacklisted Modifications, Hacks, Ingame exploits:

  • Hyskies does not allow any form of cheating, either through hacked clients, abuse of plugins or bugs.
    • Use of illegitimate clients, modifications, scripting (Hack Clients / Modifications / Resource Packs) is not allowed
    • The use of mods, clients or resource packs to give the user an advantage over other players or to automate tasks such as farming is strictly disallowed.
  • For a full list of allowed mods, review our list here
    • Note that this list is determined by staff and subject to change as mods change.

7. Duping:

  • Exploiting a bug/glitch that allows you to dupe items will be punished by immediate removal from the server.

8. Minecraft Mechanics and Plugins:

  • Lag machines are not allowed:
    • Anything causing lag may be removed by Staff.
    • Any contraption, farm, or build excessively lagging the server is subject to be removed by an administrator without warning with or without a refund.
  • Over time, plugins may reveal features that do not function as they were intended. Players should never use a plugin mechanic in a way to circumvent gameplay features or the rules.
    • Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugins or vice versa.
  • Using any way to freeze your game for the purpose of avoiding taking knockback is disallowed as it can be seen as the use of velocity, and can be punished.

9: Be patient and remain civil with others.

  • You should never troll, harass or otherwise ruin the gameplay of another player.
    • This extends to but is not limited to trolling with usernames, nicknames, bullying, chat harassment, and other forms of trolling.
  • Don’t be rude or in any other way discriminatory.
    • This includes but is not limited to: Toxic, disrespectful, explicit, racist, sexist or homophobic slurs.
    • A player saying something rude every now and then is not harassment, players are encouraged to use  /ignore in these cases. If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment.

10. Do not encourage others to engage in illegal behavior or to do something that is against the rules.

  • Such as telling them to advertise, be racist, hack, cheat etc.

11. Do not impersonate other players or staff.

  • Implying or outright saying you are someone you aren’t is impersonation and not allowed.

12. Offensive skins, nicknames and usernames:

  • Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname.
    • This includes but is NOT limited to: using nicknames that are racist, sexist, offensive, trolling, cruel or inappropriate.
    • If your skin, nickname or username does not meet our community standards, we will ask you to change it. Otherwise you may find yourself removed from the server until you do change it.

13. Advertisement:

  • Advertising is strictly not allowed.
    • Prompting other players to join other servers, websites, discord, media sources etc is advertisement.

14. Death Threats:

  • In any way threatening to kill/harm others or yourself is not allowed.

15. Discrimination:

  • Don’t be rude or in any other way discriminatory. This includes but is not limited to: Toxic, disrespectful, explicit, racist, sexist or homophobic slurs.

16. Doxxing:

  • Doxxing players is the intentional revelation of their real-life name, home address, or information that could reasonably lead to their real-life identity being revealed and is not allowed.

17. Do not backseat moderate:

  • Staff know how to do their jobs, telling them what you think they should do is not necessary. If you see an issue please make a ticket or report it instead.

18. Do not misuse the ticket system.

  • Tickets are a way of asking the server staff for assistance.
  • Spamming your ticket update is not allowed.
  • Using the Ticket system to bypass a mute:
    • You may make a ticket to request information about your mute. After you have gotten the explanation and reasoning for the mute you will have to use the appeal section of the forums if you feel you were wrongfully muted.
    • Be patient and wait for a staff member to answer your ticket, they will do so asap.

19. Do not harass staff for being staff.

  • Staff members are here to help the players and keep the peace on the server. We ask all players to not go out of their way to make a Staff member’s work more difficult.
  • If you disagree with anything a Staff member does, or want to dispute their decision, do so with the correct forms on the Forum.
  • You are not required to like any specific staff member, but we do ask that you treat them all with respect and try to understand their point of view, as they will do the same with you.
  • Do not intentionally waste staff time with tickets, reports, or anything else. This takes time away from other players who have real problems.
  • Understand that staff are people too and are volunteering their time and energy.

20. Do not attempt to bribe a staff member or ask them to give you things.

  • Asking for teleports, items, fame, glory, special permissions etc is not allowed, and staff are not allowed to give them to any player

These rules outline the basic conduct expected by players, and the administrators and higher reserve the right to edit punishments or lengths if deemed necessary, at the discretion of the issuer. If you would like to dispute a punishment or decision, do so using the correct methods. Note that these rules are subject to change without notice, but this document will be updated prior to changes coming into effect. It is the player’s responsibility to stay updated with the rules, as punishments will be issued according to them. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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