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Rules Hyskies Skyblock Rules
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Hyskies Skyblock Rules

Below you will find a list of rules for the Hyskies Network. Most follow common sense and a policy of respecting others and not ruining other people’s gameplay. Basically speaking, if something would damage another player’s experience in an unfair way, it is not allowed. Even more basically speaking, don’t cheat or be a jerk. Remember that the rules listed below are summarized to make them easier to read and staff members have the final say on punishment. If you are unclear on one of the rules please contact a member of staff for clarification. Players are responsible for learning the rules, and staff are not obligated to give a warning for each offense before a punishment is given.

In addition to the Network Rules, this apply specifically to all skyblock realms. All players are asked to keep things fair by not teaming, using any outside modifications not previously allowed by the server, merging, insiding, creating alternate islands, exploiting or duping.

1. Teaming:

  • Allying with another island whilst fighting another player is considered teaming.
  • More specifically the act of purposely working with another player to aid both in a PvP / PvE battle.

2. Merging:

  • An island can not merge with another island with the intent of combining value, or to give excessive amounts of value to another player.

3. Value:

  • All island values should be placed 24 hours before payout for their position to qualify.
  • Any value additions will be ignored, as this prevents last-minute duping.

4. Insiding:

  • Stealing items, spawners, or any type of value with the intention of self-gain is considered insiding.
  • It’s up to the insided island to raise the issue with sufficient evidence to the staff members.

5. Alternate Islands:

  • An island can not create another island with the intent to compete for is-top, store value, house extra alts, ect. For more information, contact a staff member.

6. Economy Glitches:

  • Economy glitches are not allowed! The punishment is determined based on the severity.

These rules outline the basic conduct expected by players, and the administrators and higher reserve the right to edit punishments or lengths if deemed necessary, at the discretion of the issuer. If you would like to dispute a punishment or decision, do so using the correct methods. Note that these rules are subject to change without notice, but this document will be updated prior to changes coming into effect. It is the player’s responsibility to stay updated with the rules, as punishments will be issued according to them. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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