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Started by Caledonian_EH

Welcome to our Forums.

Welcome to the new forums, we're excited to see you. We've just recently switched platforms with the intent of raising our quality of work and enabling new possibilities that we just simply couldn't do before. Sadly this means that you will have to create a new account, and set everything to how you like it. Our development team strives to create the best content possible, so please let us know about any mistakes or bugs as we all learn this together. Lastly, on behalf of Hyskies we thank you for your ongoing patience and support, it really means everything to us.



From now on, applications will be conducted through a form, which can be found here, or in our forums. The reason why we're changing this, is for ease of use for everyone. Applicants will no longer need to copy & paste a format, and staff members won't need to remind users about the requirements. To view your submission, go to your account, and click on the "submissions" tab. At this same time we've revamped our staff and media ranks, and those requirements to better support our content creators.


Server Store

Along with the forums, we've also embedded the server store into the website, making it easier to access everything. More will be coming soon, but expect some updates on our store.


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