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Announcement New Support Ticket System

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Hello Everyone,

Rank Applications are now open!

We have implemented a new system that allows you to apply for your rank without other people being able to see. You are also able to use this ticket to appeal for your ban/mute. This new system is using our support tickets on the forums, To do this follow these instructions:
  1. Make sure you are logged in to the forums.
  2. Go to the nav-bar at the top and click the big Support Ticket button.
  3. Once in the Support Ticket page, click Open Ticket.
  4. Change your department to the application/appeal you are filling out.
  5. Set the prefix to Pending and the tickets name to, (Your IGN)’s Appeal/Application.
  6. Fill out the questions below.
  7. Click Open ticket at the bottom.
Those steps should help you make and submit your ticket to the forums. Once your ticket has been created, the forums team will take up to 2 weeks to discuss and reply to your ticket.

Hyskies Management Team

Announcement Discord Nitro Boosting

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Hello, I am very excited to announce that the Hyskies Network now has rewards for nitro boosting on the Hyskies Network discord server. If you decide to boost the server and you currently do not have a donator rank you will be given the Magma Rank and 3 Illusion keys in-game, and if you already have a donator or staff rank on the server you will be given 3 Illusion keys and 2 Wraith keys in-game.

If you are already boosting the server please just do -new in bot-commands on the discord server.

Discord: https://hyskies.net/discord

Announcement Hyskies Mystical S3 (Release & Info)

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Hyskies Skyblock Season Three
Releases on 2-7-20 (6:30 EST)

Hello all, and first of all I would like to thank you for your evergrowing support. Secondly, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates and maps these past few months. With all of this being said, the Hyskies Network proudly presents our third season of Skyblock, consisting of many new features and quests peviously unseen on our network. The goal of this map still consists of maintaining the most value however, some side objectives will aid in that overall objective. More details are listed below giving a more -depth explaining each feature, but the overall game is about forging and upgrading your gear, to have a chance in defeating bosses, which on death drop many blocks of value including dragon eggs. In the future, updates will be...

Announcement SMP Release

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Hello, everyone, I am here to announce that the release of SMP will happen shortly on the 6th of December at 7 pm EST. Below is some information about how it will work.

The basics of SMP are simple. On joining, you will start off doing /wild which takes you to a random area (with a higher rank, you will find yourself taken further from spawn). Then, you find a good area or terrain to build and start your survival journey. To begin, do your average survival plays such as fisting a tree and mining, but as you progress further things will start to become more unique and different.

The End Game
The End will be a bit different as it will be more like an event area. The End will be temporarily open during the event. This event will happen every 36 hours and will result in a reset End every time, with a fresh new dragon to fight. Upon the event starts, you have 3 hours until the End closes and you’re kicked out...

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