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Announcement Hyskies Skyblock Season 2
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Hyskies Skyblock Season 2

Hello everyone,

As you may know, the past couple weeks we have been hard at work on Skyblock Season 2, and we are happy to announce that it will be releasing Friday, October the 11th at 6 PM EST.

Countdown: Here

Island Top Payouts

There will be payouts weekly and seasonally.
Weekly winners will be announced every Saturday following release.

Week 1:
1st - $25 Paypal & IsTop-S2 Exclusive Tag
2nd - $15 Paypal & 3 Spirit Crate Keys
3rd - $10 Buycraft & 2 Illusion Crate Keys

Week 2:
1st - $25 Paypal & IsTop-S2 Exclusive Tag...

Announcement Ultimate Players Guide to Skyblock S2

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Ultimate Players Guide to Skyblock S2
With the arrival of season 2, new features have been added to make skyblock a better experience for everyone. However, with a new season comes new features.
Listed below is a summary of the new features in Season 2 and everything you need to know about them.

  • Replacing diamonds, gold is now the rarest item to get and costs the most.
  • Cactus, both mushrooms and sugar cane are predicted to be the best way to earn money so to get rich fast, we suggest making farms for 1 of these 3 items to get the most profit possible.
Custom Mob Drops
Changing from Season 1, mobs now drop custom items.
  • Witches now drop diamonds, emeralds, redstone, iron ingots, hoppers and gold ingots.
  • Villagers drop gold ingots and emeralds.
  • Ghasts drop coal and gunpowder.
  • Iron Golems drop both iron ingots and diamonds...

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Skyblock Season 2 Launch
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