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  1. Tremerlin

    Format Bug Report Format

    __________________________________________________________________ Hyskies Bug Report Format __________________________________________________________________ Which server did the bug occur on? Please describe the bug in detail: Please provide any screenshots: (If none, reply with N/A)...
  2. Tremerlin

    Format Player Report Format

    __________________________________________________________________ HySkies Player Report Format __________________________________________________________________ Ingame name(s)? What was he/she doing? Proof?
  3. Tremerlin

    Format Staff Report Format

    __________________________________________________________________ HySkies Staff Report Format __________________________________________________________________ What is their ingame name? What is their discord @ and #? What did he/she do? Proof?
  4. Tremerlin

    Format Builder Application Format

    __________________________________________________________________ HySkies Builder Application Format __________________________________________________________________ What's your IGN? What's your Timezone? Servers you've worked for? Portfolio? Averagely, how long can you build on...