A Mod Destroyed My Best Chest

Nov 4, 2019
Alright, all started when I killed skeletons because I wanted to get Mobcoins, then I started to fix the spawner's box a little bit. When I was going to look at my spawner chest to sell some loot from the mobs for money someone just hit me it was a Mod his name where Sqwny, I thought he was just trolling but then I died went back to the spawn location I looked down, My best chest was destroyed I didn't manage to pick the loot up it just D-spawned I looked at him and down where the chest was destroyed I was confused, The Mod just simply replied SORRY! And left The loot wasn't bad it was worth a lot of money so I got kinda sad and mad. I think this is mod abuse and shouldn't be allowed on this server if he's going to watch me he could do it in vanish so he doesn't destroy my best chest!!! And just saying sorry and leaving is not also okay!

And my proof is that its a hole where the chest exploded or something like that more than that I don't have