Important Factions Beginner Guide

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Jun 24, 2019
➵ Introduction

➣ What is Factions
Factions is a survival/pvp-based plugin. In the world of factions, you are allowed to kill and steal loot for your own. You are in a clan (or faction), and you fight to grow your faction and base. You are a team with your faction, and you are either neutral, allied, truced, or enemies to any other factions. You protect and expand your factions land, and strive to become the richest and most powerful clan out there.

➵ Basic Commands

➣ Overview
  • /f - List the faction plugin commands
  • /f who <faction name> - Show faction information
  • /f list - Show faction list
  • /f join - Join a faction once invited
  • /f leave - Leave the current faction you are in
  • /f home - Teleport to your faction home
  • /f warp - Open list of faction warps
  • /wild - Teleport randomly in the wild
  • /shop - Buy and sell in-game items

➣ Create
  • /f create <faction name> - Create a faction
  • /f name <desired name> - Change the name of your faction
  • /f desc <desc> - Change the description of your faction in (f who)
  • /f who <your fac name> - Show's overview of your faction
  • /f sethome - Set your faction home
  • /f delhome - Delete your faction home
  • /f setwarp <warpname> - Set a warp in your current location
➣ Invite
  • /f invite <player name> - Invite someone to your faction
  • /f invite remove <playername> - Revoke a player's invite
  • /f kick <playername> - Kick a player from your faction
  • /f mod <playername> - Promote a player in your faction to mod. (Do command again to demote)
  • /f coleader <playername> - Promote a player in your faction to co-leader (Do command again to demote)
  • /f leader <playername> - Give a player in your faction leadership
  • /f title <player> <title> - Give a player in your faction a title
➣ Money
  • /f value - View your factions value
➣ Claiming
  • /f claim - Claims area around you
  • /f claim <#> - Claims # of chunks
  • /f claim auto - Automatically turns on land claiming as you move
  • /f map - View other faction claimings around you
  • /f unclaim - Unclaim land near you
  • /f unclaim all - Unclaim all claimed land
  • /f unclaim <#> - Unclaim # of chunks
➣ Alliances
  • /f ally <faction> - Request an alliance with a faction
  • /f truce <faction> - Request a truce with a faction
  • /f neutral <faction> - Request neutrality with a faction
  • /f enemy <faction> - Enemy a faction

➵ How to play
Here's the simple way to explain it. To play factions, just create or join a faction, get materials, get a base, then protect that base. Continue to gather more materials and gear, grind or farm for money, upgrade your base and try not to get raided. Once you're ready, buy enough raiding materials, go find a base to raid, and repeat.

➵ Beginners Guide
➣ Start Off

Find a trusty friend, or several friends and create a faction. If you create your own faction, you feel like a leader, which inspires you to keep playing. If you don't want to create a new faction, ask around to join a small faction.

Trust is very important in Factions. Only invite the people you truly trust, or they may turn on you and steal your stuff later on.

Once you have your created faction, ask if they want to help you make a base. It's simple, go to /wild and start making a small base just to store your items in. Make it, claim in, set it your home (/f sethome)

➣ Gather Materials
Once you have your base, you can start gathering your materials and items for money. Start mining for ores. Once you get enough ores, you can upgrade your armor and sell some of those ores for in-game cash. Once you have enough money, upgrade your base such as obsidian walls, or a water layer so it's harder to get raided.

➣ Makin' Money
Now that you have materials and some money. Start making more money.. How? Make a farm or a grinder. To start off simple, make some room for a farm and purchase the item you want to farm (pumpkins, wheat, sugarcane,etc.) In this case, we recommend sugarcane. Once you've created your farm, you have instantly made a money source.

Once you have enough money, buy a spawner and place it carefully, because if you do not have a rank.. You cannot break this spawner.

Another big way of making money, is having your whole faction vote everyday. You will achieve multiple rewards to help you along the way.

➣ Expand
As your faction becomes more wealthy, start to expand. Recruit more trustworthy friends or players to join your faction, get in contact and expand. With more faction members, more power, with more power, more land.

Now that you have money and materials, look to make a better and stronger base. Find an area that nobody has been before, and even try building a nether or end base. As you grow stronger, you can even build multiple layers of obsidian, layered with water and lava, and make it extremely hard to raid. Now that you have power, claim more land and set warps.

Keep expanding and expanding, and keep making sources of money. With time, you and your faction will become very wealthy.

➣ Raiding
Now that you have a steady faction, be on the lookout for a raid. Have your faction go to different areas and use /f map to see claimed areas. You can even see in chat if anyone is selling coords to a raid. Raiding can be hard, but you can find many tutorials on how to build a cannon. You will majorly improve with experience. No base in unraidable.

If you happen to find a successful raid, and you happen to get inside, loot their items and take it back to your base and become more powerful.

➣ Repeat
Keep striving to be the top faction, and repeat the steps. Make money, recruit, expand, raid. Keep achieving more things, and become the very best faction there is. Have fun.. If you get raided, so what? That's just the world of factions. Re-create a new base, and keep going. It's endless fun.

➵ Frequently Asked Questions

✓ How do I create a faction?
To create a faction, use /f create <faction name>

✓ How do I make money?
As explained above, you can either farm or grind,
or even vote daily.

✓ How do I buy stuff in-game?
Use the command /shop to find all
the items you can buy and sell.

✓ How do I sell items?
Same command, shop. Use the middle button
on your mouse to sell all, or use the preference it shows when
you hover over the item you want to sell.

✓ How do I make a cannon?
Look up YouTube videos of Minecraft Cannons,
it's quite simple actually.

✓ How do I go to the nether/end
Use the /warp command to see all the warps
you can go to (End/Nether)

✓ How do I use my vote keys?
Use the /warp command to see all the warps
you can go to (Crates)

✓ How do I get faction power?
To gain faction power, you must recruit more
members to your faction.

✓ How do I regain my power?
If you wait a certain amount of time, you
will regain all your power.

✓ How do I buy a rank?
To buy a rank, do the in-game command

✓ How do I make hoppers
On Hyskies, you cannot make hoppers
You can only buy them in /shop, or get them
from crates. Same goes for enderchests in /shop

✓ How do I view the auction?
With the command /ah

✓ Can I mine spawners?
You must be a donator on Factions in-order
to silk mine spawners.

✓ Where can I PVP?
Most players PVP at /warp pvp

✓ How do I get custom enchantments?
At spawn, you can find the enchanter in which
you use your EXP to get enchantment books.

✓ Someone hacked my base, what do I do?
Long story short, you got raided.

Note: The world of factions is known to be toxic. So be careful new comers and beginners. Just have fun and enjoy yourselves.
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