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Caledonian EH

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Sep 3, 2019
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Hyskies Skyblock Season Three
Releases on 2-7-20 (6:30 EST)

Hello all, and first of all I would like to thank you for your evergrowing support. Secondly, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates and maps these past few months. With all of this being said, the Hyskies Network proudly presents our third season of Skyblock, consisting of many new features and quests peviously unseen on our network. The goal of this map still consists of maintaining the most value however, some side objectives will aid in that overall objective. More details are listed below giving a more -depth explaining each feature, but the overall game is about forging and upgrading your gear, to have a chance in defeating bosses, which on death drop many blocks of value including dragon eggs. In the future, updates will be pushed out every few weeks, patching bugs and updating/pushing out new features to the server. The payouts will be weekly meaning we will always have a chance of winning! Trailer:

Week 1:
1st - $25 Paypal & IsTop-S3 Exclusive Tag
2nd - $15 Paypal & 3 Spirit Crate Keys
3rd - $10 Buycraft & 2 Illusion Crate Keys

Week 2:
1st - $25 Paypal & IsTop-S3 Exclusive Tag
2nd - $20 Paypal & 2 Illusion Crate Keys
3rd - $15 Buycraft & 1 Wraith Crate Key

Week 3:
1st - $30 Paypal & IsTop-S3 Exclusive Tag
2nd - $20 Paypal & 3 Illusion Crate Keys
3rd - $15 Buycraft & 2 Wraith Crate Keys

Week 4:
1st - $30 Paypal & IsTop-S3 Exclusive Tag
2nd - $20 Paypal & 3 Illusion Crate Keys
3rd - $15 Buycraft & 2 Wraith Crate Keys

Main Features
As like every season there is too much to display in one forum post, and therefore our moderators and helpers are willing and ready to help anyone who requires assistance.


This season, the main focus for IS top will consist mainly on spawning and defeating bosses, which drop rare items such as enchants or dragon eggs. Furthermore these bosses are ultimately a late-game addition and will not be present in the original release, as users will not be ready for the fight. More details will be posted closer to the time of this addition.


One of the best ways to start out this season is to run the command /mines and collect ores to sell. Starting out, users must move through the ranks of ores, eventually reaching the emerald mine. These mines will become increasingly difficult, as guards roam the tunnels as well. Future updates may contain new mines, updates to guards creating a better experience. The current mines have been listed below.

Tier 1 Guards

Iron: Tier 2 Guards

Gold: Tier 3 Guards

Lapis: Tier 4 Guards

Redstone: Tier 5 Guards

Diamond: Tier 5 & Tier 6 Guards

Emerald: Tier 5, 6 & 7 Guards

Custom Enchants;

Custom enchants have been nerfed this map, consisting of the basic vanilla potion effects balancing out the PVP experience. More may be added in the future, so we're always open for suggestions.

Mob Coins:

We have added mob coins, which will allow users to grind mobs for special rewards and items, without the need to use your own balance, or purchase something off of the store. Every 24 hours items will cycle, giving new opportunities to gain lots of new items and ranks. If you are unfamiliar with mob coins, there's a random chance that when killing mobs, they will drop a coin. You can then use /mc to purchase items in the shop.

Overall we're all very excited to release this season, and hope that you all will enjoy it. Speaking for myself, I cannot wait to see you all on release friday.

- Caledonian EH
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