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Hyskies Skyblock Rules

These are the basic network rules and guidelines extending to all forms of content provided by Hyskies. Failure to abide by these will result in the predetermined punishment stated below. The administrators and higher reserve the right to extend or modify any of the punishment lengths if deemed necessary. These rules are subject to change without any notification, however, it will be updated if any changes arise. For more in-depth information, contact a staff member.​

General Violations

Teaming in PvP:
Allying with another island whist in fighting another player is considered teaming. More specifically the act of purposely working with another player to aid both in a PvP / PvE battle.
Punishment: Minor
  • 1st offence: 3h ban
  • 2nd offence: 1d ban

Freezing MC:

Using any way to freeze your game for the purpose of avoiding taking knockback is disallowed as it can be seen as the use of velocity, and can be punished.
Punishment: Minor
  • 1st offence: 1d ban

Island Violations

An island cannot merge with another island with the intent of combining value, or excessive amounts of value to another player.
Punishment: Moderate
  • 1st offence: 7d ban
  • 2nd offence: 14d ban
  • 3rd offence: 30d ban
All island value should be placed 24 hours before payout for their position to qualify. Any value additions will be ignored, as this prevents last-minute duping.
Punishment: Major
  • 1st offence: 1-week payout disqualification

Island Insiding:
By stealing items, spawners, or any type of value with the intention of self-gain is considered insiding. It’s up to the insided island to raise the issue with sufficient evidence to the staff members.
Punishment: Major
  • 1st offence: 7d ban
  • 2nd offence: 14d ban
Alternate Islands:
An island cannot create another island with the intent to compete for is-top, store value, house extra alts, ect. For more information, contact a staff member.
Punishment: Major
  • 1st offence:
    • Main island disbanded
    • Alternet island disbanded
    • 14d ban to both island leaders
  • 2nd offence:
    • Main island disbanded
    • Alternet island disbanded
    • permanent ban to both island leaders
Economy glitches or dupe exploits:
The abuse of bugs, or an economy glitch is disallowed. The punishment is determined based on the severity.
Punishment: Severe (Based on severity and discretion of the staff-member.)
  • 1st offence: Permanent blacklist
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