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Jun 25, 2019

Hello, everyone, I am here to announce that the release of SMP will happen shortly on the 6th of December at 7 pm EST. Below is some information about how it will work.

The basics of SMP are simple. On joining, you will start off doing /wild which takes you to a random area (with a higher rank, you will find yourself taken further from spawn). Then, you find a good area or terrain to build and start your survival journey. To begin, do your average survival plays such as fisting a tree and mining, but as you progress further things will start to become more unique and different.

The End Game
The End will be a bit different as it will be more like an event area. The End will be temporarily open during the event. This event will happen every 36 hours and will result in a reset End every time, with a fresh new dragon to fight. Upon the event starts, you have 3 hours until the End closes and you’re kicked out!

The economy will be 100% player based. It will work off trading with /trade. This is mainly as it is vanilla and trading is very important to progress, and it will help keep the players more active so they can trade away their goods for others.

Other Events
As the map continues to develop, there will be multiple other events that will go on, such as building competitions. These events will be announced via the discord.

As the economy is not implemented, claiming works very differently to normal. For reference, see the separate document on claiming here.

Have fun on Hyskies SMP
Hope to see everyone there on Release

- Hyskies Administration Team
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