Announcement Ultimate Players Guide to Skyblock S2


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Aug 11, 2019
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Ultimate Players Guide to Skyblock S2
With the arrival of season 2, new features have been added to make skyblock a better experience for everyone. However, with a new season comes new features.
Listed below is a summary of the new features in Season 2 and everything you need to know about them.

  • Replacing diamonds, gold is now the rarest item to get and costs the most.
  • Cactus, both mushrooms and sugar cane are predicted to be the best way to earn money so to get rich fast, we suggest making farms for 1 of these 3 items to get the most profit possible.
Custom Mob Drops
Changing from Season 1, mobs now drop custom items.
  • Witches now drop diamonds, emeralds, redstone, iron ingots, hoppers and gold ingots.
  • Villagers drop gold ingots and emeralds.
  • Ghasts drop coal and gunpowder.
  • Iron Golems drop both iron ingots and diamonds.
  • Mooshrooms drop both mushrooms, leather and beef.
  • Bats drop nether stars.

New to Season 2 are Generators, these machines produce sugar cane, cactus, wheat, coal experience points and tempfly. See more below.

  • Tier 1 Generator - Produces items every 60 seconds
  • Tier 2 Generator - Produces items every 30 seconds
  • Tier 3 Generator - Produces items every 20 seconds
  • Right-clicking on a generator will bring up the custom GUI allowing you to upgrade it and access other features.
  • You can obtain a generator from the black market or in crates.
  • The black market and its items can be obtained by doing /blackmarket or via the shop.
  • AutoSell Chests, Harvester Hoes, Chunk Hoppers and Generators can all be found in the black market.
Harvester Hoes
  • Chance to multiply drops
  • Mode 1 - Auto Collect (Puts crops in inventory)
  • Mode 2 - Auto Sell (Sells crops)
  • Mode 3 - Dirt Digger (Acts as a normal hoe)
Chunk Hoppers
  • Obtainable from Black Market
  • Picks up mob and crop-related items in the chunk
AutoSell Chests
  • Dream Chest - 1x Multiplier - Cost: $1m
  • Mirage Chest - 1.5x Multiplier - Cost: $1.5m
  • Automatically sell items every 15 secs
  • Voids items that cannot be sold
  • Option to disable sell notifications (/sellnotify)
Printer Mode
  • /printer on to enable
  • /printer off to disable
  • Automatically replenishes items you use (Cost of items are withdrawn from your balance)
  • Disables whenever you lose hearts (Health Points)
  • Can be obtained from crates or from buying Legend Rank or higher.
Temp Fly
  • Can be enabled by typing /tf or /tempfly
  • Can be obtained by voting, redeeming in crates or from generators you own.
  • See how long you have left of fly time by typing /tf time, looking at the scoreboard or in your actionbar whilst flying.
Use /upgrades to evolve different things on your island, upgrades are listed below.
  • Island Size
  • Island Crop Grow Speed
  • Island Generator Upgrades
  • Island Hopper Limit Upgrades
  • Island Team Size Upgrades

  • Envoys
    • happen every 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Spawn in /warp PVP
    • Can be redeemed by clicking
    • They spawn as pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns and sea lanterns.
    • /envoy to see when the next envoy will occur
  • KoTH (King of The Hill)
    • Capture two hills at /warp PVP
    • The winner receives a KoTH key
    • KoTH crate key is at /warp PVP
    • /koth times to see
  • Custom Enchants
    • /e - Buy enchantment books from 5 tiered categories.
    • /alchem - Combines two books of the same level to create a book of the one level higher.
    • /tinker - Exchange a custom enchant book for dust which can then be used to create a better enchantment book.
    • /enchants - Shows you a full list of every enchantment book, what it does and which item it targets as well as the rarity of the book.